The experience of Pierre André

Pierre André wines offer a unique sensory experience.

Pinot Noir is the variety known as the king of our great red wines. It fully flourishes in the northern climate of Burgundy and offers a range of flavors and varied expressions, linked to the nature of the soil which it comes from.

On the nose, the red wines of Pierre Andre reveal with finesse, aromas ranging from fresh red fruit (blackcurrant, cherry …) to notes more spicy(cinnamon, pepper …), more candied (jam, kirsch ..),or of undergrowth (truffle) or animal (leather …).
On the palette, we discover fleshy and delicate tannins, with a long and complex finish marked by an agreeable freshness.

The white wines of Pierre André, enrobed with golden reflections, are a wonderful accolade to the grape variety Chardonnay which has been grown by the Burgundians for centuries.

On the nose, dominate complex aromas of white fruits, floral and woody notes

On the palate, the white wines of Pierre André are tight, powerful and elegant.

Burgundy Vintages
Caveau Crédit Photo JL Bernuy

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