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Originally, one man fell in love with a very special place: the Hill of Corton

Pierre André


A signature born at the foot of the Hill of Corton.

Pierre André suggests undoubtly one of the finests appellations for lovers of Burgundy wines!

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This reputation can be explained by the respect the Maison has for the terroir, one of the founding values of Pierre André which practices an integrated viticulture on the prestigious and ancestral soils of Corton and the Côte de Beaune.

Day after day, the rigorous and meticulous work of our talented winemakers reinforces the nobility of these exceptional soils to give wines full of subtle flavors and finesse.

Faithful since 1927 to the expression of the terroir and the Burgundian grape varieties, the wines of Pierre André delight the most discerning palate with their elegance and beautiful aromatic complexity.

A true expression of Burgundy in its splendor and diversity, Pierre André celebrates the harmony of man and nature in each of its wines, vintage after vintage.


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Our Values


The glazed Tiles

If Pierre André is a strong brand recognized in selective channels both here in France and all around the world, it is thanks to the undeniable quality of its wines.

The aesthetics of the brand also contributes to its prestige. The emblem of the brand Pierre André is characterized by its polychromatic diamonds.  They represent with originality and modernity the roofs of colorful glazed tiles so characteristic of the Burgundian traditional architecture.



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