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Sustainable viticulture and controlled yields are the key words in the vineyards…

The work of the vineyard & the harvest


In its quest to develop exceptional wines, in its search for the most authentic expression of our terroirs of Burgundy, Maison Pierre André  is convinced that a viticulture that respects the balance between the soil and the plant ensures a quality harvest.

Jacques Briday Great Wines from Burgundy

“ To have great wines, you need to provide special and constant care to the vines ”

Jacques Briday
Vineyard Manager

Jacques BRIDAY, Head of viticulture for our estates is an avid fan of integrated viticulture.  Under his supervision the vine grower’s work daily, strongly attached to these remarkable terroirs. Season after season, they provide their most attentive care to the vineyards.

The authenticity of each terroir can only be revealed by working with, listening to and respecting the nature.

From August, our winemaker, Mathieu CARRARA, performs careful monitoring of the plots. Tasting and analyzing the berries allows him to precisely define the harvest date. The balance between acidity and sugar in the pulp must be perfect and they must be in an impeccable sanitary condition.

The berries are harvested manually with the utmost care: they are selected by trained pickers before being deposited in open crates. These are then quickly transported to our winery in order to preserve the integrity of the fruit.

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